Dance Workshop for Singers & Actors
with Haila Strauss

classes & workshops faq

Q. Who’s right for these classes/workshops?

Actors and singers who are intimidated by auditions or dance classes. And, dancers who need a refresher.

Q. What makes Haila’s classes different from other dance classes?

The positive, patient, yet rigorous learning environment. “Haila has a tremendous knowledge of dance, but more importantly, she knows how to speak the actor’s language,” says Annie McGreevey, who has played roles in numerous Broadway shows. You will learn dance technique and practical information you can use in auditions, rehearsals and performances right away.

Q. What is a class like?

The class starts with a thorough warm-up. Combinations with steps you need to know for auditions as well as vocabulary from dance technique (jazz, ballet, musical theatre dance) are emphasized.

Q. Will I get personal attention?

Yes! Class size is limited to 14 students. Individual attention is a priority; you won’t get lost in the back of the studio.

Q. What do I wear to class? Do I need special shoes?

Wear comfortable dance wear or what you might wear to the gym. Bring socks. Jazz shoes or jazz sneakers or ballet slippers. Character shoes for combinations.

Q. Where do classes meet?

Manhattan studios convenient to subway stations. Call (212) 388-7967 for locations.

Q. When do classes meet?

Ongoing classes meet weekly. Workshops are scheduled throughout the year. Please call for schedule for classes and workshops.

Q. What are the fees?

Classes are priced very reasonably. For ongoing classes: Single classes may be purchased. In addition, a four class card and a ten class card are also offered. Workshop Fees vary with length of workshop. For complete fee information, please call (212) 388-7967.